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go Blue Devils!

Lake Fenton MS/HS


go Blue Devils!

Lake Fenton MS/HS

go Blue Devils!

Lake Fenton MS/HS

Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:30AM by Tim Draeger

LFHS Varsity Softball Online Information


Team Website, Stats, and Gamecast 

Team and individual stats 

As we have for the last 10 years, we will use iScore Softball to keep stats. You will see updated individual and team stats after each game. They will be available online at this website:

Gamecast with iScoreCast

For friends and family that cannot attend a game, they can follow any game, home or away, live online by watching iScoreCast. Note: this is NOT a live video stream, but it will show pitch count, scoring, and any action throughout the contest. 

There are three ways to find the iScoreCast for our games: 

Option 1:

  1. Go to the team website:
  2. Select the Games button from the menu on the left side of the screen
  3. Locate the game in the listing that displays on screen, then select the link to iScoreCast for the game you wish to watch 
    1. Please note that followers may have to refresh the Games screen multiple times between games of a doubleheader to see the game info and link for the second game

Option 2:

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Enter Customer ID (case sensitive): 69A2A77D1C
  3. You will have to re-login between games of a doubleheader to follow the second game

Option 3:

Download the iScore Central Game Viewer app for Apple iOS from the Apple App Store. Enter the team name Lake Fenton HS 2021 in the search bar to find our games.  

Player Photos in iScore

On team picture day, we will snap a photo of each player (head-shot only) to add to the iScore profile of the player. As a result, the player photo will be visible on the team website, the GameCast player, and team stats sent to local sports reporters. Should you prefer NOT to have your / your daughter’s photo added to iScore, please advise Mr. Tim Draeger via email at 

Home game walk-up music

This year, our varsity softball players will feel like they are playing in a major softball stadium with announcements and walk-up music for each player. We will control and run this from the dugout. 

To make this happen, what we need from each player are the following: 

  1. Select one to three songs that are your favorite songs that you want to hear when you come up to bat
    1. Note, each song must conform with Lake Fenton Community School’s community guidelines
    2. Each song will only be played for 8-10 seconds with some crossover (about 1-2 seconds) with the player name announcement
  2. Select the song and the approximate position of the clip you want to hear
    1. In other words: 
      1. Name of song
      2. Position of clip, for example starting at the 1:20 mark of the track and continuing for 10 seconds
  3. That’s it. 


We will download the song from Apple Music and add it to your profile in the iOS app, Ballpark DJ. There will be an iOS device in the dugout that will play the announcement of your name and favorite music clip over the LFHS softball sound system. Note, if you don’t provide a favorite song clip, we can select a short clip of generic dance music to accompany your name announcement.